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digital distributioN- DIRECT BOOKINGS

In today’s travel industry, where travelers may reach out at many touch points, at D Consulting, we leverage customer-facing travel distribution channels, with a focus on increasing the accomodation's website exposure, to attract the right type of customer and increase revenue. These values include data collecting & analyzing, price positioning, unique marketing methods combining with advanced travel- tech technologies.


D Consulting understands that each accommodation is unique, with its own set of business challenges, value propositions and competitive pressures. Keeping this in mind, we use our hospitality consulting expertise to truly understand your business objectives in order to tailor a distribution support program designed to best fit your needs.

Direct bookings increase
25% Increase in direct bookings

Users Acquisition- attracting direct traffic and boost direct reservations & guests satisfaction:

  •  Use meta searches to increase awareness and direct bookings- TripAdvisor, google hotel Ads, Trivago etc.

  • Increase customer engagement- implementing tools for increasing conversions (sales & marketing platforms, chatbots, Virtual Reality and more)

  • Search engines- get exposure to your website from new markets by the demand, using PPC & Ads to obtain new customers.

  • Increase guests satisfaction- connecting to your guests before arrival, during the stay and after check is giving a better service, we developed methods to increase guests satisfaction and thus leverage reputation across all distribution channels.


Services focused on digital distribution:

  •  Improve OTAs & Meta Searches exposure & positioning

  •  Marketing opportunities- development & implementation of new sales channels to boost global      exposure and build future base business 

  •  Acceleration of the accommodation's website & social media exposure

  •  Handle all Channel Management plus ensure parity


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