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At D consulting we beleive in changing the status quo, different thinking and constant learning.

D Consulting is the leading business development & innovation company for the hospitality industry. We approach our customer's needs with tailor made solution, thus ensuring achieving the best results.

We provide services ranging from digital marketing to costs and profitability assessment, our professional services will deliver the greatest growth potential to our customers in the hospitality field.


In recent years, more and more travelers choose to book their accommodations online. Access to vast resources including pictures, videos and peer reviews, combined with the flexibility to reserve a hotel room and receive instant confirmation has made the internet the most important channel for accommodations distribution.

Along with providing valuable information about how to better lease/rent your property, we offer to improve your pricing strategy, your online presence and much more. We believe that you and your staff should focus on hosting and offering great services to your guests!

Our professional services will deliver the greatest growth potential to our customers in the hospitality field.

Itai Gal
Founder and CEO
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In his 10+ years working in the hospitality field, Itai has gained extensive experience in business development, digital marketing, pricing strategy and revenue management. He was on the founding team of's Israeli offices and developed the company's local market.
While at, Itai was able to develop a variety of methods and unique solutions for top performers in the market, due to his extensive knowledge of the market and his deep understanding of online commerce.
Prior to, Itai was a chief economist at Siemenes, gaining comprehensive financial knowledge.
Itai has a B.A. in Economics and Business Administration from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


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Starting to work with Itai increased our revenue by at least 25%, his attention to details and knowledge in the hospitality market just make him more special as a revenue and digital marketing manager. Itai, with your hard work and great personal service, you are an asset to any team and is an absolute pleasure to be working with you.

Raed A. Leil

Hotel General Manager

YMCA Three Arches

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